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Bengal kittens for sale in Denver
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A happy Bengal is a healthy bulldog, Our Bengals cats are raised in our home with my Husband and 3 Children. The Love and attention shown to our cats shows in the temperament in our Kittens. Its Hard to let go of each and every one of our Arrowhead Bengals. We have Bengal kittens for sale in Denver. We think our Bengals are Wildly beautiful.


A healthy Bengal is a Happy Bengal, A lot of time and Money is invested in testing and not only that but finding the right pairing even if that means finding a stud out side of our lines. Regular testing is very important to help ensure a good breeding. We Typical have planed litters for Colorado Bengal Kittens.

Bengal kittens for sale in Denver

From the Owner :

Hello, My Name is Haley Rhoden, founder of Arrowhead Bengals and we have Bengal kittens for sale in Denver  My husband, Matthew Rhoden and I have worked hard over the years to be one of the best Bengal Breeders in the U.S. We produce happy and health Bulldogs and this continues to be our goal to this day to improve the Breed by DNA testing and Temperament, Color is just a Bonus. We have fallen in love with Bengals as many have and A lot of knowledge, time, and expense has gone into raising each and every one of our Bengals litters.

You hear the term “hand raised” a lot, what that means here at Arrowhead Bengals is all of our kittens are literally hand raised in our home with my husband and children. We work together as a family every step of the way in raising our bully babies. What does this do? As a result, they are extremely well-socialized with children, adults, and other Bengals and Dogs. This helps insure a smooth transition into your home for your family to love.

All of our Bengals in Colorado are TICA registered and come with a 1 year health guarantee, several vet checks, Deworming, and a new Kitten starter kit to give you a great start! And Lets not forget a Lifetime of Support from Arrowhead Bengals.

Arrowhead Bengals are some of the most healthy cats your will find. Our wide verity of colors truly are “show stoppers”! Bengal kittens for sale in Denver! The colors really stand out in a crowd. It is hard to walk down the street with a leashed Bengal without getting stopped by curious people admiring these unique colored cats that are Happy and Healthy. Regardless of color, our number one priority is the health of the Bengal, which make for a Happy Bengal. Bengal kittens for sale and colorado Bengal breeders.

Once you have a Bengal, you will never want anything else!  We use years of experience and love of the breed to produce healthy, Happy and well socialized puppies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and ask any questions! Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope we get to work with you soon and help you bring your own bully baby home! Colorado Bengal Kittens .

I just wanted to personal thank you for visiting our website. We are always adding to the site and feel free to check back soon with more update. When Considering  a Bengal we  suggest  your do you homework and look up as much information as you can before bring home your new kitten, There are tones of information out there on the world wide web! Please feel free to call / Text me personally at 614-588-4848. Thank you!

                                                                                                        Spotted Vs Marbled Bengal

Bengal kittens for sale in Denver

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