Brown spotted rosette Bengal

Arrowhead Bengals


Bengal cat breeders in colorado

About Arrowhead, Bengal cat breeders in Colorado

My name is Haley Rhoden. I am the owner of Arrowhead Bengals. My husband and I have been engaged in the bengal breeding since 2018.Our Cattery is registered with the international Cat Association (TICA) and is considered in the world’s largest genetic cat gegistery in the world,

Now located in Divide, Colorado in a beautiful bountain setting at 9,000′ above sea level were our bengals are Happy and enjoy the high country life.We have a relatively small cattery that give us the oppprtunity to scoicalise with our cat.

We are more than happy to answear all your questons and can ive you recommendations for care of your bengal kiten.Your Bengal kitten is already waiting for you! We home raise purbred Bengals for quaility producers.We are a Bengal cat breeder in Colorado!

Bengal cat breeders in colorado

Contact Arrowhead Bengals of Colorado!

If you have any qusetions about our Bengal cats or kittens please feel free to fill out the form below or you can also text us at 614-588-4848.

“Wildly beautiful “

kittens for sale in colorado

exotically wild appearance

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Brown spotted rosette Bengal


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