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About Our Cattery

My name is Haley Rhoden. I am the owner of Arrowhead Bengals, My Husband and I have been engaged in Bengal breeding since 2018. Our cattery is registered at two international felinological system, The International Cat Association (TICA) and is considered the world’s largest genetic cat registry in the world.

To buy a Bengal kitten is possible only after 12 weeks age, fully vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and scratch post.The sale of Bengal kittens is performed from the house of the breeder. We also ship or send by courier Bengal kittens all over the world.

 We will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions. We will give recommendations for the care of a Bengal kitten.Bengal kittens are a piece of wild nature at your home.

Your Bengali kitten is already waiting for you! We have only purebred Bengals from quality producers! Be sure to go to the page Bengals Color & Pattern. There are a variety of colors of Bengals


We are located in Ashley,Ohio in a country Setting were our Bengals are happy and healthy and enjoying life.We have a relatively small cat cattery and we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of our pets! Our Studs and Queens are tested for the most dangerous viral cat diseases: immunodeficiency virus FIV and leukemia virus FELV. Accordingly, all our kittens are free from immunodeficiency and leukemia. All the producers of the cattery are tested for hereditary diseases. Every year, heart screening (HCM (cardiologist, heart disease certification)) is performed for all our pedigree male and female cats. This allows us to make the right selection of couples and guarantee the absence of kittens having any congenital pathologies. You can find this and many others in the “About Bengal” section. You must visit this section.


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Rescuing Animals

All Though you will not find many Bengals in your local rescue shelter, there are many cats ready to be adopted there.


WE are Registered with The International Cat Association TICA is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats, and the world’s largest registry of household pets 


Spay & Neuter

WE Encourage the Spay & Neutering of your Bengals,We actually require it

Finding A Home

When finding Homes for our babies we ask you fill out our kitten application to help ensure we find only the best homes for there amazing creature!